Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Wheels, no breaks... no pants.

So I knew some of my jeans were getting a little worn and a couple weeks ago one finally got a whole in the knee, then while cruseing down the sidewalk of wyview one day I hit a crack that was a little to big for my heely wheel and completely tore out another pair. This resulted in me being force to start summer early on saturday by pulling the shorts out of the drawer, as all my whole jeans were in the wash, fortunately it was warm enough that it didn't matter.
In other news: ...actually there is no other news.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Very,very, shiny.

Well, I was trained in the new jamba store(its down on the west side by Legends Grill) today and it was all very, very, shiny, clean and new. We didn't actually make anything today, but tomorrow I have to work down there for the sneak peak, I guess special people like Pres. Samuelson and some other bigshots have been invited.
In other news: This week has been high stress, and it looks like the weekend will be too. Tests and assignments are coming rapid fire which means the end must be coming, however I may be dead when it gets here.
I took a BofM test today, came out with a 94, so that's pretty good. I have to go to mish prep tonight and somehow get an annotated bibliography done before midnight.