Sunday, March 20, 2011

lots of stuff

Busy week, on Monday there was work and class, then Liz and I met up with my family who were in town visiting. It was nice since it is daylight savings time now so the light lasts longer. We all (15 total) went to Golden Corral for dinner, that was a lot of fun.
Tuesday I didn't have class in the morning so I finished up my paper and Liz and I drove up to campus for the forum where we met up with my family. The forum was really good, it was Michael Flaherty the founder of Walden media which has done the narnia films as well as a lot of other really good movies. That night Liz and I went up to Bryce and Nicole's wedding reception, it was really nice. Bryce is an old friend of mine from back home and my family was in town to go to his wedding.
Wednesday nothing two exciting happened. Work and School.
Thursday we had Doctrine and Covenants, then I went to my film lab and Liz took a test. Later that night we made tacos and watched the movie Ink heart which was pretty good.
Friday I worked in the morning and got down to work on my paper for communications in the afternoon. In the evening Liz and I went and watched a Chinese film called Iron Monkey for my film class, it was pretty interesting, it was mostly all superhuman kung fu fighting. We were watching it for editing.
Saturday most of the day was spent on the communications paper, turned out I had to cut lot of stuff cuz it was too long. That night we went to see the Young Ambassadors show Harmony, it was really, really good. I hadn't seen the young ambassadors since I was kid so it was fun to see them again.
Well that was pretty much it for the week. hope you all had a good one. Sorry no pics, mom has them all.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Singing in the Spring

Hello fans, welcome back, it was a pretty good week. Pretty warm all week long.
Monday was the day we'd all been waiting for: The SPRING SING. I went to work and class and then ran over to the JSB to meet up with the rest of the cast and get my hands painted with glow in the dark paint. I donned my U of U shirt to complete my Scar costume. The road show went off wonderfully, I don't want to brag but we were by far the best. You can see a picture of me and my hyenas below.
Not too much else happened Tuesday or Wednesday, lots of school and work. I have a big paper due in international relations this coming tuesday so I spent a lot of the week working on that.
Thursday I woke up to find that my international relations class and my political philosophy lab were canceled so Liz and I went to the them temple earlier than planned. While we were at the temple we ran into our friend Tess (who directed the spring sing).
Friday night we went to the movie for my film class which was Notorious, kinda weird, not much resolution. After that we went to Tess's house along with a lot of the spring sing cast and we all watched the lion king together. It was lots of fun.
Saturday I spent the morning finishing my paper which is on the democratic peace, hopefully this one will be better than the last one I did for this class. We went on a walk because the whether was so nice. Then I took the last two parts of my political philosophy test. Which were essay questions so hopefully that went well. Saturday night we went to Liz's families house for dinner.
anyway, that is pretty much the week, below you can see some pictures. Me and the hyenas, Liz playing the piano, Me and Liz on a walk, Max at his birthday party.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

mmmm... Cheesesteaks

Well, it was a busy week for Ben. He had so much to do.
Monday morning I went to work, my good friend and co worker Jenn had made me a batch of granola, which is fantastic and she brought it to work. Monday was my good mission buddy Cody's Birthday and we have a Political philosophy together so that evening I took him to get Cheesesteaks at the new shop they just opened up at Brighams Landing which is right across the intermural fields from Wyview. It was so good, tasted just like philly. For FHE Monday night we played uno, and then I went to Hilary's for a while to study for the international relations test we had the next day.
Tuesday was really super crazy, first thing was the IR test, which was just two essay questions which we only had an hour and 15 minutes to right. Then it was off to devotional, on the way I ran into Cody and asked him if he had to do presentations in his comms class, and he says "Yeah, thats why I'm dressed up today" thats when it hit me that I was suppose to be dressed up because I was presenting in my comms class and I was suppose to meet up with my group the hour before class to practice, uh-oh. Devotional was on spirtuality in the class room and was really good. Then to D&C with Liz, where we worked out that she would rush me home right after film so I could change, somewhere along here I got a voicemail from Will at Jamba juice saying they wanted to meet with me, but of course I couldn't meet Tuesday because I was in class straight until 6:30, this worried me because I still wasn't sure what I would do if they offered me the job. But I went to film and during the 5 minute class break ran into Jamba Juice and told Barbara that I couldn't meet that day. Then right after film Liz rushed me home, actually she was a little late because she finally got to pick up her computer which the computer people had been trying to fix for weeks, I changed into my formal clothes and then she rushed me back to the JKB where I met up my group and we practiced our presentation a couple times. Then we went to class and presented. Later that night Liz and I went up to Lindon to return her mom's laptop that she had been using while hers was being fixed.
Wednesday was a much better day than Tuesday. I was worried when I got off work because I had a message from mom saying that I needed to call papa because Joel had gotten funding to hire summer work. So now I was still in quandary about what to do if I was offered the job at Jamba. I met up with Liz at the Science center to eat before going to my meeting. When I finally met with Will, he ended up telling me that they had offered the job to Jenn (she hadn't been allowed to tell me) but that they would like to promote me into Jenn's now vacated spot of team lead. This was really the best thing that could have happened because now I didn't have to make the decision between jobs, I work more hours at better pay at school now, and I can go home and work for the summer. Also on wednesday we got our grades back for the test we took on tuesday, I got a 100% so that was happy.
Thursday the only thing exciting that happened was the elders quorum temple trip that night. It was fun. It was Casey's second time to go to the temple.
Friday night we watched another silent film for my film class, The General, it was pretty funny. Then it was time for the Spring sing dress rehearsal and cast party.
Saturday there was another Spring sing practice in the morning. Homework in the afternoon. In the evening Liz had the pleasure of having a real philly cheesesteak for the first time and we went to Megamind with Gordy and Brooke.
Well I think that's it for another week. Hope you all have fun |\/|