Sunday, February 27, 2011

oh look, Pictures

Hello, and welcome back to another week in the life of Joe, ha, just kidding, this is Ben. So this week was kinda interesting, because Monday was a holiday so Tuesday was Monday (this feels like the non-linear week again) and that made it so I only went to four classes all week. However there was still lots to do.
Monday as previously stated there was no school so that was nice. Took the time to get some homework done, I made flash cards on my ipod for all the terms and concepts for my comms test this week. Then there was Sterling Party with the old gang. That was a lot of fun to see everyone and have a good time. It's a good thing Liz was going with me though because I kept forgetting that it was happening even though I was the one who had planned it for that day.
Tuesday was Monday so I went to work in the morning and studied and went to class in the after noon. I turned in my application for the office assistant position at Jamba Juice. After work I went and took the comms test, I came out with a 92 which has presently been raised to a 95 because of miskeyed and thrown out questions. I kept forgetting that it was Tuesday so I was afraid that I would forget to go to work the next morning since I work earlier on Wednesdays. Tuesday evening I had a meeting with my Comms group to plan our presentation on the yes side of whether advertising is ethical.
Wednesday I fortunately did not forget what day it was and made it to work on time. Nothing to interesting happened on Wednesday.
Thursday I only had the two classes in the morning since we didn't have film lab because we didn't have film lecture. Besides that not too much took place on Thursday.
Friday I had work and then later in the afternoon I had an interview with Barbara and Will for the office assistant position. They said we would know sometime next week who got the job. In the evening Liz and I took her little brothers Mathew and Jacob to see Tangled. That was a lot of fun, the movie was really good everyone should see it.
Saturday in the morning we went to spring sing practice. Tess decided to change my role to Scar for good since her second Scar bailed on her, I was a little sad to give up being Timone with Casey being Pumba, but that's the way it roles, included below are pictures of me a Scar with Ashley (who is a guy), who is Simba, and also me and Liz in our roles as shakers during the finale song. Saturday night there was session of stake conference which was very good.
hope everyone has a nice week. |\/|

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The titleless post

Welcome back to another week in the life of Ben.
Monday, as some of you might know, was valentines day. First though I had to go to work and class. Then that night Liz and I went out to dinner at Costa Vida and then we went ice skating, after a short incident with a set of spike strips.
Tuesday was anther super busy day with all my classes. We've moved on in film now to production design which is really interesting, although Liz might not appreciate my commentary during movies these days. In Comms we had interesting presentations and a discussion on whether or not print media is doomed. Tuesday night we went to Liz's families house for her little brother Matthew's birthday.
Wednesday night there was a showing of the Princess Bride in the varsity theater so we went to that and had a good time.
Thursday was pretty uneventful. Just school stuff.
Friday I had work, it was quite slow. I forgot to mention that we've been wearing honor week t-shirts at work all week for honor week, but because I work I missed all the honor week events so I didn't get any other free t-shirts. Friday night we went to the film for my class which was a danish film called Babbettes feast, it was a strange film that is probably going to be difficult to write on.
Saturday we had practice for the spring sing. I had to play Scar again as well as Timone because our new Scar didn't show up, but a lot of people were gone for the Holiday.
Anyway, it was a good week, this next week should be pretty short with the holiday, in fact I will only go to four classes, so that will be nice.
anyway have a nice week all of you.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

in which I discover why you get arts credit for watching movies

Sorry this is a week late, this covers Feb 6-13.
This week began on Friday and presently became Monday until I had a vision of Wednesday in which there was a flashback to Tuesday, which hadn't happened yet. If you are not yet confused then non-linear/non-traditional film may be the thing for you. Thats what we were studying this week in film class, hence I discovered why BYU will give you arts credit for taking TMA 102. We saw some very abstract stuff, for your benefit however I will put my new hifalutin artsy insights aside and give you the week in a linear manner.
Monday was normal, work and class, then FHE. I gave the spiritual thought and we played the Great Dalmuti.
Tuesday was normal and busy like always. This is when we began our discussions of non-linear film and we watched so really strange stuff in class, including a film that was just scratches on film set to music.
Wednesday I took the test for doctrine and covenants, so far that is the only test I've had all year.
Thursday we went looking for housing. We went with Robbie to see his grandparents basement where he and Josh and I might live. Then we went and looked at park plaza where we had a less than satisfactory reception by a student manager there. Thursday night Liz and I watched Kung Fu Panda because she had never seen it before.
Friday I went to work and in the evening we went to see a film for my class called the
Spanish Prisoner. It was quite the piece of work, you never knew what was going on or what in the world was happening. Anyway it was crazy.
Saturday I had to go to worldwide leadership training in the morning, and then we had spring sing practice, at which we were suppose to be learning the dance for the finale. It turns out I'm not very good at dancing, so since we had too many dancers to begin with Liz and I eventually changed to being shakers (meaning we will have like marraca's or something and shake them). That night we went to a birthday party for Liz's roommate Abby.
Sunday was church and in the evening we went along with Gordy and Brooke to Erin and Sam's for dinner and games, that was a lot of fun. While we were playing cards their downstairs neighbor came up and told us we were making there light shake and he didn't know what we were doing up there, so be careful the next time you are sitting around a table playing cards that you don't make anybody's light shake.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Papers and Personal Plans

This week flew by so fast its hard to remember what happened. The whole week was part of the wards Personal Plan Palooza which I was on the committee for. It involves focusing on one of the eight areas of Christ center living that the Stake President has asked us to do, everyday from last Sunday to this. Also my first major paper of the semester was due this week in my international relation theory class, it was a pretty obscurely written assignment so it took a lot time to figure it out and get it written, and we shall see how it ends up.
Monday I had work and political theory, we have been talking about Hobbes and Prof. Gilchrest instructed us in the finer points of the crab apple wars they had a children to illustrate the points of equality and the Leviathan. For FHE we went on a food drive as part of the personal plan's care for the poor and needy day. That was fun, I haven't gone up and knocked on random people's doors for a while. Spent a good portion of monday working on my paper.
Tuesday was busy as always. Still trying to work on the paper when I got a chance to breath.
Wednesday I mostly just worked on finishing the big paper.
Thursday was a busy day, Hilary and I proof read each others papers in the morning before class and then we had to run and catch the bus so we could get to campus and print them off, unfortunately this was during the time that BYU's network was not recognize anti-virus software from microsoft security essentials so I couldn't log into the network and e-mail my paper to myself to print off so I had to put it on a flash drive and get it off that way. We did make it to class on time and get them turned in. Thursday night Liz and I went to them temple and did baptisms and confirmations, they were short endowed brethren so I performed quite a few confirmations and then when we were still two rows back from doing baptisms they asked me to come and baptize, so I baptized everyone until Liz came through, somewhere around thirty people.
Friday I went to work, some people came in like an hour before I left and they just sat there and they were still there when I left and Jenn texted me like an hour later and said they had finally left, just FYI but if you are going to have yourselves a little reunion, there a probably better places to do it than Jamba Juice. Friday night I went to watch "Went the Day Well?" for my film class, its a british film about world war II made during world war II. anyway we are sitting there and nothing is happening and finally ten minutes after it is suppose to start one of the TA's finally comes in and is like, I don't have the dvd, so you are either going to have to wait 45 minutes for us to get it or come to the showing tomorrow." well that was no good because the next day I had practice for the Spring Sing, thank goodness someone there said that the whole thing was up on you tube and he pulled it up on the podium computer and we were able to watch it that way. Friday night Liz and I went shopping.
Saturday morning was Spring Sing practice, we are doing a BYU lion king version, I am playing Timone and Casey is being Pumba. During practice I also had to be Scar because the person playing him didn't show up. We did home work most of Saturday afternoon and then watched Hercules, which we got from the BYU library, so far we haven't been having the best luck with Library dvd's as they seem to have trouble skipping.
Well there you have it folks, another week in the life of Ben.