Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not the greatest game ever played

Well I've just decided to start posting short updates of my weeks, in between all that really exciting news I have.
So this week, in fact yesterday, I went to the BYU vs. Nevada football game at Levell Edwards stadium, conveniently located near my home. It was really rather disappointing although somewhat unexpected. I went with my mission  bud Cody Knudsen and, since to of our groupies decided homework was more important than football, my friend from freshman year Melanie Forbrush joined us at portal MM. It was a good time despite the cougs not being able to put it together. 
This week I received back my citation assignment in PL SC 200 scoring a 23.5 out of 25, turned in a revision of the first assignment and began assignment number four, theory and hypothesis, which promises to be a beast, but also really help me.
Speaking of which this week began(not for the first time) my positive look at school, I love school, I love learning, I love the environment here at the Y. so why then spend so much time complaining? There really is no reason. I don't want to miss out on the enjoyment there is to be had here. 
This week we finished a take home exam in New Testament, thanks to a mission and a good deal of time therein spent with Talmage this was none to difficult except for the question which asked for a phrase Jesus repeated in all four gospels. But I finally found that after some searching and I feel pretty confident about the exam. I also scored a 10/10 on the first quiz in that class.  
On Thursday night my good friend Hillary Matzdorf and I attended the Pre-law club opening social and joined the club. We received t-shirts(hurray!) and pizza(hurray! and none of this one slice to get you to come thing either) and heard from two of BYU's best stand up comedians.
Last Sunday I received a call to serve in the Elders Quorum of the 50th ward as a district leader over home teaching. This should be fun since home teaching is  one of my favorite things. 
So thats the week in rundown. Stay tuned for next week as I will be reentering the testing center for the first time to tackle PL SC 150 and Bio 100 in the same week.
Live long and prosper |\/|

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from Black in Blue

Well folks, I returned from the PA Philly mission just about a month ago. They weren't kidding when they called it the best two years. It truly was. I have now returned to BYU, and consequently am searching once more for divine help in the testing center. It is good to be back. I've returned to Jamba, and I'm getting back into the swing of political science. I've traded in my black suit for a navy blue BYU t-shirt, which I wore while cheering the cougars to victory over Washington on Saturday.