Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh, the picture

Some people are probably wondering about that picture that has appeared on my blog. Well finals week is rapidly approaching and it seemed quite fitting. If you want to see more of them click on the demotivator link on my page.
In other news: I went to temple square last night w/ the family since they are down for a couple days. It is suppose to snow today but I hope it does not.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mountain West Champs

That would be BYU. The #1 team in the conference. Thank you very much. I must say that I never thought the title would mean so much to me but once you eat, sleep, and breath cougar pride you start to understand. Jessie and I were traveling back Saturday so we didn't see the game and couldn't find a station broadcasting it but I was fully invested and it paid off.
In other news: Thanksgiving was very good, I really enjoyed being home. Coming back is a bit of a drag but there's only a few weeks left so I think I can make it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another one rides the bus

Technically this should be in the other section but I think it deserves a post of its own. I was going up to Amy and Mike's this weekend so I walked up to the bus stop, it was a few minutes late but that's normal. I got on and the bus drive was on the bus phone, He nodded to me when I showed my bus pass and I went to the back, as this old lady talks quite loudly to the driver who's trying to hear the phone, she's like "I'm going to go on talking, I'll just do it quieter so you can't sit there and demonize me." At this juncture I continued all the way to the back, but could still here the old woman "If you think I'm going to sit in cold and wait for the next 11" and so on. the bus driver eventually walks out so that he can here the phone and the lady begins talking to this girl up front and being quite rude about religion, which it turns out must have been what was going on before I got on the bus, I plugged into my pod so I didn't here everything but eventually the girl got off the bus and started talking on her cell, all this while were still sitting at the stop where I got on. The bus drive comes back in gets some papers and goes out to talk to the girl and have her fill something out(probably a grievance form of some kind), eventually a UTA supervisor arrives and tries to talk to the old woman, and soon escorts her off(someone came and picked up the girl) the bus driver comes on and apologizes and explains that UTA policy is that he has to pull over under those circumstances and wait for a supervisor. All this took about half an hour but we did eventually get moving.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Wait, are you Mormon

So, In my attempt to win more honor bucks I went to several booths today prior to the auction. At one of them I shaved a balloon, at another I named a principle of the honor code, but at the first one I went to I was asked what the honor code meant to me and I told them how the honor code was the reason I came to byu, and how I had a very religiously integrated education before so I wanted to go someplace where that would be present and my standards would be upheld, at this point the guy asked said "wait, are you Mormon?" which I thought was an interesting question until later I realized I was wearing my yarmulke and he probably thought I was jewish or something and had attended one of those jewish synagogue schools or something.
In other news: I took a Book of Mormon midterm today which I think went well. I have an
American Heritage midterm next week so most of this weekend will be dedicated to study, we also have stake conference this weekend.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I lose at twister, but with honor

So it's honor week here at byu and in my attempt to never have to buy clothes again I entered the twister contest in Brigham Square to win and iHonor t-shirt. Unfortunately I failed to get my left foot to the green and my net gain from the Student Honor Association was a piece of apple pie and 1 byu buck, which will be used in a auction at the end of the week. It's not so bad though, as I already have the SHA "circle of honor" t-shirt for doing 75 push-ups earlier this year.
In other news: I am still without wheels and have lost most of my friends due to my choice in head gear.
Write to your congress men and tell them to vote against ratifying LOST(law of the sea treaty), don't allow us to lose sovereignty in our waters.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Enter the yarmulke

Well today is the first day I graced campus with the little green yarmulke. Needless to say some people who thought they knew me found out they really didn't(and maybe didn't want to). "Ben, What are you doing!" is the exact quote from my friend Morgan across Brigham Square.
In other news: for all those in Colorado, I'm sorry but BYU is destined to win tomorrow, and I'll be there cheering like a madman.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I really don't want to hear about your personal life.

So if I have to go to physical science at 8 in the morning I want to hear about physical science, but yesterday, some people sat behind me(my friend Emily usually sits there but she was late) and I had to try and block out their personal problems for the entire period.
In other news: yesterday was halloween, our stake had a dance which was a good time. I have to work today, which isn't all happiness. And that's pretty much it.