Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wheeless oncemore :-(

Well today was a good thing except for we went to wal-mart to do some halloween shopping and because I left the screws to my "heelys" in west valley I was wheeless, which I hate being in that linoleum covered paradise.
In other news: Elder Perry spoke at devotional today which was really sweet, I got on the floor. I sat by this girl named Sage who it turns out lives in Wyview too which is cool. My friend Julie and I went and tutored at Sunset View elementary like we do most Tuesdays.
And now I leave you, from the shadows of the ever looming midterms.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I forgot

I forgot to say that the name of the blog comes from a conversation I was having with one of my friends while walking past the testing center and I said "more praying goes on in that building than any other on campus." And so I figured if I don't know God already I'll find Him in the testing center.

First post of the new blog

For those who are thinking it. Yes, I do have a blog at freewebs.com/haldu2 but that is the company blog so this is where I'm going to jot down stuff that happens to me at school and life in general, the other blog will be for Haldu and other book news.
here's the big stuff today. I met with my Geography and American Heritage professors today and they helped to convince me that I'm not failing school and might actually live through the semester. They said my scores on these last midterms were not bad at all. So that made me feel much better. Sis. Knapp had me go down to the TA lab and go over my test and I actually got a few points back.
In other news my cough is still sticking around but other than that I feel ok.