Friday, April 18, 2008

Juicin' my last Jamba

Well, today was it, my last day passing blenders. And what a day, it was crazy in the morning because we were trying to make a ton of jamba to send up to BYUSA's free jamba for finals while trying to serve regular customers on a warm day. With some extra help we were able to make it. It was kindof sad to be done though. Jamba is a great place to work, and I might very well be back in two years, in the mean time there is a vitamix at home and I plan on playing with it over the summer.
in other news: I scored a 97% on my Book of Mormon final today, so that was good.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the cracks of Provo

In all my time riding the bus here at the Y I've never gotten on the wrong one, never until today. I was talking on the phone which I have done many times while boarding and somehow I got on the wrong bus. It wasn't until we didn't turn onto university that I realized my mistake. I figured I was probably on the 830 which meant that I could probably ride up to the transit center and catch an 832 back, but I would have to wait around. So I decided to get off and heely back. this made me very appreciative of how well the BYU sidewalks are kept because the ones I was no on were cracked and at time covered with gravel, but I made it back in on piece w/out falling and that was all good. However I will be more careful getting on the bus from now on.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Wheels, no breaks... no pants.

So I knew some of my jeans were getting a little worn and a couple weeks ago one finally got a whole in the knee, then while cruseing down the sidewalk of wyview one day I hit a crack that was a little to big for my heely wheel and completely tore out another pair. This resulted in me being force to start summer early on saturday by pulling the shorts out of the drawer, as all my whole jeans were in the wash, fortunately it was warm enough that it didn't matter.
In other news: ...actually there is no other news.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Very,very, shiny.

Well, I was trained in the new jamba store(its down on the west side by Legends Grill) today and it was all very, very, shiny, clean and new. We didn't actually make anything today, but tomorrow I have to work down there for the sneak peak, I guess special people like Pres. Samuelson and some other bigshots have been invited.
In other news: This week has been high stress, and it looks like the weekend will be too. Tests and assignments are coming rapid fire which means the end must be coming, however I may be dead when it gets here.
I took a BofM test today, came out with a 94, so that's pretty good. I have to go to mish prep tonight and somehow get an annotated bibliography done before midnight.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The day the music died...

I hope that by this time you have all heard that Mitt Romney had withdrawn from the presidential race. I also hopped that you have all made supplication to God on behalf of this country, because barring a miracle I see little hope for the greatest nation in the world. Romney has done what he felt needed to be done and I have to respect that, but I fear for the future. The three remaining candidates hold positions vastly different from my own and this blog will not yet make a new endorsement. We have seen a pattern repeated twice in the Book of Mormon and I fear it is happening so slowly to us that we don't realize we are repeating it. If only we would remain righteous, destruction would not come upon us.
May God Bless America, the cradle of freedom.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We thank thee O God for a Prophet

Yesterday some of my friends and I woke up early and were able to attend Pres. Hinckley's funeral. It was a very good service and was so grateful I could go. I've done fairly well dealing with the news since last Sunday, but when the apostles walked in and they left the empty chair between Monson and Eyering it really finally hit me that he was gone, but I know that succession in the presidency is a smooth transition and that this is what the Lord needs right now. Truly Gordon B. Hinckley was a prophet of God.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

God may be in the testing center, but...

I doubt he's in the SWKT, the unfortunates of that are my Poli Sci 170 tests are in class. Judging from this first one it going to be a long and tedious year. But the first test is over and there is nothing I can do to change it, so I will not dwell on it.
In other news: BYU dominated in men's volley ball last night 3 games to 1. This week was pretty uneventful as I mostly just did homework.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, sweet joy of wheels beneath my feet

After more than a month of being bound to my boots and tennis shoes the sidewalks were finally clear of ice and I could once again revel in the splendor of wheels on my heels. It was wonderful to be able to travel fast again, to whip down the sidewalk without taking steps.
In other news: We were suppose to go on a triple date(classic skating!!) on Friday but do to my lack of charisma and Tyler's fear of telephones it had to postponed so we just hung out as an apartment. Saturday we went up to Tyler's home in South Jordon to have dinner with his family. We had a really good time. Tomorrow is a holiday so I don't have to go to school, I'm very happy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How could we have been so wrong?

I remember it clearly. We slapped high fives all around as we joyfully exclaimed that we would never have another geography quiz or journal again. Imagine my surprise when in Poli Sci 170 it is announced that we will have quiz on geography and current events papers. How could we have been so wrong? How could I have landed in another class doing the things I dreaded most last semester.
Oh, such is life.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Nose to the grindstone

Oh, for the carefree days of christmas break, why didst thou not cherish them when thine they were?
Such is the question I find myself wondering as I'm back at the grindstone(formerly called BYU), I had a wonderful break but it wasn't nearly long enough, and now its back to school and work. My Book of Mormon teacher even said the word FINAL today. How could that be? How could he say something so horrible after I just endured a whole semester?
In other news: the new roommate moved in and he seems pretty cool, Steven caved over Christmas to the Facebook pressure, and Brent is in the MTC learning Spanish.