Friday, April 18, 2008

Juicin' my last Jamba

Well, today was it, my last day passing blenders. And what a day, it was crazy in the morning because we were trying to make a ton of jamba to send up to BYUSA's free jamba for finals while trying to serve regular customers on a warm day. With some extra help we were able to make it. It was kindof sad to be done though. Jamba is a great place to work, and I might very well be back in two years, in the mean time there is a vitamix at home and I plan on playing with it over the summer.
in other news: I scored a 97% on my Book of Mormon final today, so that was good.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the cracks of Provo

In all my time riding the bus here at the Y I've never gotten on the wrong one, never until today. I was talking on the phone which I have done many times while boarding and somehow I got on the wrong bus. It wasn't until we didn't turn onto university that I realized my mistake. I figured I was probably on the 830 which meant that I could probably ride up to the transit center and catch an 832 back, but I would have to wait around. So I decided to get off and heely back. this made me very appreciative of how well the BYU sidewalks are kept because the ones I was no on were cracked and at time covered with gravel, but I made it back in on piece w/out falling and that was all good. However I will be more careful getting on the bus from now on.