Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, sweet joy of wheels beneath my feet

After more than a month of being bound to my boots and tennis shoes the sidewalks were finally clear of ice and I could once again revel in the splendor of wheels on my heels. It was wonderful to be able to travel fast again, to whip down the sidewalk without taking steps.
In other news: We were suppose to go on a triple date(classic skating!!) on Friday but do to my lack of charisma and Tyler's fear of telephones it had to postponed so we just hung out as an apartment. Saturday we went up to Tyler's home in South Jordon to have dinner with his family. We had a really good time. Tomorrow is a holiday so I don't have to go to school, I'm very happy.


Mike said...

South Jordan isn't that far from West Valley. You should pop in sometime so we can talk blenders and Romney.

kierabeddes said...

ben, i miss you. you were always there last semester, to talk with and're not! what in the world am i supposed to do? how are things? tell me everything...have you gotten a facebook yet? it is sooooo much easier than getting on your blog which by the way took forever to get on, i think it was because i went the roundabout way. so how are we supposed to keep in contact this way...i am not sure that i am doing things the right way here..oh well tell me your thoughts cause i am pretty sure that you least i hope soo! talk to you soon? good.