Sunday, November 13, 2011

Style Me Free

Well I have now decided to give up law and start and my own reality t.v. show. This brilliant change in life goals came to me yesterday when I realized that almost everything I was wearing to the football game I had not paid for. Obviously I'm amazing at dressing for free so I have decided to start a fashion show entitled: Style Me Free! I will take poor helpless fashion wanderers and show them how to look almost great, for almost nothing! Here's the rundown of my swank football going outfit, lets start from the bottom.
Gortex lined boots: probably the most expensive part of my wardrobe at its original purchase, but I received these as a Christmas gift my first year of college. They're perfect for those cold or wet or both days when you have to get between classes or sit at an outdoor sporting event.
Cost to me: Free
White ankle socks: perfect choice for just about any activity besides a formal occasion these socks are versatile and breathe well in the cold or the heat. They were purchased at Buy Low by me.
Cost to me: $0.50
Cargo Pants: These nice multi-compartmented khakis have virtually unlimited storage space especially useful for carrying large amounts of previously owned electronic gadgets. I received these through hand-me-down from my brother Gordy (consequently they are a little large around the waist for me).
Cost to me: Free
Black Belt: not the kind karate masters wear. Just a normal black belt, perfect for those nonchalant occasions. This was bought on my mission, I think for about $10.
Cost to me: approx $10
Blue Crew T-Shirt: A very nice Navy blue t-shirt featuring the word's blue crew across a basketball and the the Y logo in on the shoulder. This shirt is received for free when a student joins the Women's basketball fan club (for free). The color makes it perfect for almost any BYU sporting event especially if you feel like promoting the women's ball team.
Cost to me: Free
Imitation leather jacket: A nice addition for any cold day or night this 100% imitation leather jacket has deep pockets for storing extra warm winter paraphernalia. And the hood is a nice feature not found on many leather jackets. This particular article was found by some missionaries doing service cleaning out an attic of some member in Scranton Pennsylvania. The members told them to take it and I happened to be the only one small enough to wear it. It was featured on Elder Nielsen's Christmas card 2009.
Cost to me: Free
Pink BYU Breast Cancer Awareness Beanie: Completing this styling smart outfit is a capstone of a pink beanie featuring in the front the Y symbol and in the back very nice sponsorship from intermountain health. Not only does it stylishly offset the color scheme but it also lets everyone know that you support a good cause. This item was received for free by attending a soccer game during October: Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Cost to me: Free
So there you have it a stylish outfit fine for taking your best girl out to the game.
Total cost of outfit to me: approx. $10.50
Style Me Free, where free looks good and so do you.


MKC said...

:) You make me laugh.

Amy said...

Okay, this post was really funny. Too bad you had to wear a belt since that really increased the cost. You better go buy a belt at DI.

David and Bonnie Nielsen said...

Where is the fashion picture?