Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm a transfer to The U of YouTube

Now you all know how much I love BYU, I am a very die hard cougar. And some of you may also know that during the summers I've taken courses from another University, namely the University of YouTube, I actually earned my BA in Balloon Twisting there over this past summer. Anyway its a highly prestigious digital ivory tower with programs in all the major sciences and arts.
Yesterday I found it necessary to enroll in another course at UYT, this time in statistics concurrent with my BYU political science quantitative methodology class. I like UYT because the professors are always available and they teach in short spurts exactly what you need to learn, they don't mind regoing over material and if you don't understand exactly they way they are teaching it they'll refer you to other teachers who can. Its all very accommodating and useful.
All that being said I don't think I'll transfer over completely just yet, but I'll just take concurrent enrollment for this semester and see how it goes.

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