Monday, October 29, 2007

First post of the new blog

For those who are thinking it. Yes, I do have a blog at but that is the company blog so this is where I'm going to jot down stuff that happens to me at school and life in general, the other blog will be for Haldu and other book news.
here's the big stuff today. I met with my Geography and American Heritage professors today and they helped to convince me that I'm not failing school and might actually live through the semester. They said my scores on these last midterms were not bad at all. So that made me feel much better. Sis. Knapp had me go down to the TA lab and go over my test and I actually got a few points back.
In other news my cough is still sticking around but other than that I feel ok.


wezefire said...

Well thats good news! Ive been wondering how things have been going for you. This blog thing is a good idea! Im going to check it every day! This is much better than you getting a facebook account. Well cant wait to keep in touch better than ever! Cya

wezefire said...

Hey thats good news! Ive been wondering how youve been doing lately. This is such a good idea Ben now we can keep in touch easily. This is much better than facebook! :D yeah well Im gonna check this thing everyday so keep talking!

Mike said...

Glad to have you on board the blog machine. I like this way better than mass emails, and it's a creative outlet.

I really think talking to professors can raise your grade quite a bit. Amy coughed for about a week or so after she was sick too, but she's alive and as cute as ever.

Keep up the good work!