Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wheeless oncemore :-(

Well today was a good thing except for we went to wal-mart to do some halloween shopping and because I left the screws to my "heelys" in west valley I was wheeless, which I hate being in that linoleum covered paradise.
In other news: Elder Perry spoke at devotional today which was really sweet, I got on the floor. I sat by this girl named Sage who it turns out lives in Wyview too which is cool. My friend Julie and I went and tutored at Sunset View elementary like we do most Tuesdays.
And now I leave you, from the shadows of the ever looming midterms.


Amy said...

HA HA! Yay for being wheeless! I hate to tell you this, but we accidentally dropped your screws down the garbage disposal. Whatever will you do?

Mike said...

Since I live in West Valley, I think it only makes sense that I volunteer to head up a search party for the missing heely screws.

wezefire said...

wow Ben I didnt know you had heelys! So they allow those but not skateboards?