Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DUCOM and the Forgotten Carols

Well, yesterday was the little known holiday DUCOM(dress up comb over monday), I think it was the first time I've parted my hair in like 6 years. Four of us(Josh, Ryan, Jesse and myself) participated and I must say we looked snazy.
In other news: My friend Josh had an extra ticket to the Forgotten Carols last night so we went up to it last night(some of you will remember that we missed it several years back because of snow) and it was absolutely amazing. Also Finals start next week and I am seriously doubting if God is in the Testing Center, but what I really hope is that He's in the JSB where most of my finals will take place.


Mike said...

I'm pretty sure he IS in the JSB. . . one can only hope that includes the auditorium.

bavone said...

God is everywhere. You just have to bring him there. If you have prepared yourself the way you need, you will have God on your side. Remember that the Holy Ghost testifies of all truth.