Friday, December 7, 2007

Spiderman v Batman

You may have noticed the poll on the side of the page. Today my friend Lindsey and I had a "discussion" about who was better and I just thought I would poll you folks and see what you had to say.
In other news: I visited the testing center today for Geography and that was ok but not exactly amazing. I've hung up the heelys at least for a while because the rain and snow have made it impossible to keep using them, the cold has also driven me to replace my yarmulke with my avalanche beanie. Ah, such is life.


bavone said...

In the debate between Batman and Spiderman, it all comes down to which comic book publisher you like more. I think Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, and the rest of DC comics characters are ok. However, Marvel comics are much more favorable to me. I have always preferred the characters Marvel has put out. I have never fallen asleep watching a Marvel comic movie. However, I have fallen asleep to movies about Batman. That being said, the Batman TV show staring Adam West and the Movie were just wacky.

I still vote Spiderman because he can shoot webs out of his arm. Batman could but Bruce Wayne would have to buy that gadget. That and Peter is just a cool name.

wezefire said...

so what was the result of the polls? who won? haha I love your getting on the bus story... its pretty awsome.