Sunday, November 21, 2010

The pre thanksgiving blitz

So we knew starting out that this week was gonna be crazy. There was/is still so much to get done before leaving for home this coming Tuesday.
Monday kicked off the week like normal, arriving on campus at eight o'clock to read through an article on Belgium's political parties (which if you don't know anything about they are crazy. It was one of my favorite topics we've done all year) for Poli Sci 150. Then went to bio where I was politely reminded that there would be a test at the end of the week. Monday after noon Hilary and I began work on our statistics assignment for Pl Sc 200. From there it was off to work where I had a wonderful surprise visit from my nephews, whomeveryone know are the cutest nephews in the world.
Tuesday found us finishing the statsassignment (which incidentally was the easiest assignment all year) and turning it in. Tuesday night Elizabeth and I went to fat cats, where we had dinner at costa vida and collected our free bowling game courtesy of the BYU football team scoring over 30 points against UNLV.
Wednesday was another busy day of class and work. In the afternoon Hilary and I attended a speech on the constitution which was part of a convention being held this week. Hilary had to go for class, and I just like that kind of thing. Wednesday I began to seriously work on my next paper for Pl Sc 150 on applying comparative politics to the real world. I am using the elections in Myanmar for my event and I had found several articles from the NYT earlier which I started analyzing. The thing about all of this is that I really do like school, I find the work I do fascinating, it just tends to be stressful.
Thursday was very busy, especially for a Thursday, most of the morning was spent getting as much done on the paper as possible because immediately following New Testament I had to go to the FHSS writing lab to have my paper looked over. From the lab I shot over to the Benson building for a bio test review then bounced over to the SWKT for a statistics review with Prof. Cooper. After that I met up with Hilaryand whipped through the practice assignment, which including entering a large number of variable data into SPSS, for Friday, and then we were off to PLSA's law student panel. Which was very good, plus the part where they fed us costa vida.
Friday was test preparation amidst my classes, at three I was coming to the testing center randomly met up with David(roommate) and Megan(FHE sister) we briefly commiserated over our individual tests. Then it was off to the vending machine for my orange soda and up to the music room to take the test. I got an 89 on the multiple choice, so it wasn't too bad. From the testing center I went down the hill to the elms to visit with Jenn and Melissa. Jenn and I then went to work where we were short a person all night and had to work like crazy. After work Elizabeth came and picked me and Bekka and Bekka's friend Victoria to go to the ward roller skating activity. It was the first activity I've been to all year because of work, but since it didn't start until ten I was able to go. It was a total blast.
Saturday the morning was spent working on the biology term paper on aspartame. Then it was off to the football game with Cody. It was a cold day at Levell Edwards Stadium as the cougars took on new mexico. We were located in portal t right in the corner where BYU's tunnel is. Elizabeth joined us at the stadium after kickoff. For the only time all year Gordy and Brooke's tickets were on the same side of the stadium as mine, so at half time Elizabeth and I were able to go visit with them for a little. The cougars ended up winning 40 to 7, domination despite the refs.
Later Saturday David went to the Basketball game with Jenn and Co. afterward they all came back to our place when the cougars were dominating incredibly.
well thats it for this week. Next week: I'll be HOME!

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