Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roomates, and bad things, come in threes

Well this week struck each member of our apartment with misfortune, one by one. My started off the earliest when I started getting sick Monday night. By Tuesday Morning things were not going well, so I stayed on campus for only a small portion of what I usually do, trying desperately to finish the Quantitative research design for Poli Sci 200. Fortunately I have wonderful friends who lent there services throughout my sickness to help me get better. Wednesday I was worse, but I couldn't miss class. In the afternoon Hilary and I finished our designs and turned them in, and I did not go to work so I could get some rest. Thursday was better but still under the weather.
Friday I was feeling better, only the cough was hanging around. I was able to go to work, which was crazy because dance sport was going on, along with like a million other events. Fortunately they had decided to keep the store open later and so other people had signed up for later shifts and they were closing, so I left at nine thirty. After I got home Elizabeth came over and we watched Wall-e, which was like the last movie I saw before going on my mission. So that was fun.
Saturday was when the rest of the disasters struck. The day was mostly uneventful Bryan(Elder Phillips) and I went to the temple in the afternoon which was very nice. In the evening we went over to Jenn's house for dinner with her and Allie, however when Casey and I arrived(on bike, in the cold) Casey discovered that he had lost his keys, hence problem number two. We had a wonderful time with them(David arrived later) and a wonderful meal and movie. It was when Casey and I arrived home before David that something was not right(David had his sisters car) when David got back he explained to us that his car had been booted at the elms and he had been fined to get it off. Not the most pleasant end to the night.
However we all look forward with longing to Thanksgiving and the joy we will have when we go home. Well folks thats it for this for this week.
Have a good one.

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