Sunday, December 12, 2010

FREEDOM! . . . oh, wait.

So, it was good week.The cross-fire was still raging, but somehow I made it through. Not too much exciting news to tell however.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning were swallowed by the Hist 201 secondary source analysis, which was on Medieval warfare. With small efforts here and there to start tabulating the survey results and begin that paper.
Monday before work I went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the Museum of Art here on campus. BYU currently has on lease five of his Alter Paintings which are just fantastic as well as dozens of his smaller works and study pieces. Interestingly I was there for Pl Sc 150 on an assignment I could have done all year to analyze an art exhibit for political influence.
Tuesday I did take opportunity to attend the devotional with Elder Halstrom of the presidency of the 70.
The Hist Paper went in after our last class with Dr. Davis Wednesday afternoon and then everything turned to the survey before work. After work it was over to Hilary's for more work on the paper and briefly over to Elizabeth's and back home for more paper.
Thursday morning I was at it again and had finished everything except the appendix by the time I went to my last New Testament class. We were finishing with the Resurrection. I was sad to see this class end as it had been a very enjoyable one for me. After that it was off into the periodicals to make the appendix and proof read with Hilary. Then we printed, which ended up being no small matter, and triumphantly put out last papers in the big wooden box in the bottom of the SWKT. What a feeling of sweet freedom as I walked out of that building. That night is was off to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader midnight showing in 3D with Liz. It was a very good movie and, I thought, a nice adaptation of the book.
Friday morning the feeling of relief was gone as if finally started settling in that finals was really coming next week. It was immediately off to a review for Hilary and I with Dr. Cooper to review statistics and most of the course for the year. Then I went to a biology review with one of the TA's.
Saturday I went to a Pl Sc 150 study group with "the Party" which is what six of us who sit by each other call ourselves(for political party incase you didn't get that). Most of the rest of the day was spent making flash cards and reviewing.
Well wish me the best of luck and all that. No matter what happens at this time next week I will be home.
For mom's pleasure here are some pix of last week at Temple Square.

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