Sunday, December 19, 2010

Freedom, real freedom

As I write this I am a free man. Free from school, free from finals, free from work. For the next two weeks at least. This week I fought my way through four finals to finish out the school year by Wednesday. Monday morning found me at the JSB by nine o'clock for Biology, during finals week they convert the large auditorium here into an extra testing center for large section classes like American heritage, Physical science and Biology. I really dislike it thought because its pretty cramped and dark in there, and you can't have food an drink, so that really kinda kills my orange soda. But the test went well and it looks like I will escape my last science course with an A-. The rest of monday was spent completely engaged in studying for History, I met up with Elizabeth part way through as she studied for living prophets. I finally made it to the regular testing center at around four, thank goodness lines were small (it seems everyone decided to take religion monday because the lines in the Wilk were atrocious). I was abhorred to find that much of the multiple choice questions contained topics not listed on the study guide, I escaped with an 82, and can only hope my writing portion will raise that. I exited the testing center and ran for work. It was the last night with the whole crew from this semester since Allison left town Wednesday morning.
Tuesday morning was studying and then at 11 I took Pl Sc 150 in class. It was all short answer and essay, so its really impossible to know how it went, but it felt ok. Upon finishing that I began preparation for Pl Sc 200 the next day. Tuesday night Elizabeth and I went to the dollar theater for a study break and saw the Guardians of Ga'hoole.
Wednesday was my last final for the year, Pl Sc 150, it was pretty crazy to have finally finished that whole class. I walked out of the building and let loose a Dave Ramsey "FREEDOM" yell. What a beautiful feeling.
Thursday Elizabeth and I went to the temple and did baptisms and confirmations in the morning which was really nice. Most of the rest of the day was spent cleaning and packing and hanging out.
Friday morning it was off for Colorado with Gordy and Brooke. I stayed the night at Brooke's parents house in Peetz and Saturday it off to Sterling for my buddy David's wedding. Sunday it was church back in the Sterling ward.
Well folks, there's the week for ya.

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