Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lotsa Lotsa Homework

That's pretty much it for this week, just a lot of homework. I have a lot of papers due here at the end of the semester, so aside from class and work that was pretty much all I did.
Tuesday I had my last class in both Film and Communications, and Thursday was the last film lab. I'm kind of sad to see these two classes end, they were both really interesting. For our final lecture in Comms we had a guest speaker who was a public relations specialist, he was actually the man who handled PR for the Smart family during Elizabeth Smart's disappearance. So he talked about how it was to do that, it was all really interesting.
Most of the week was spent trying to work on my final paper for my international relations theory class, it took me a long time to get any traction on it. But I finally finished up the draft yesterday, it is due on Tuesday the same day that final film analysis is also due, which was my other major project this week. I did it on the 2003 live action Peter Pan. Both of those papers will have to revised on Monday, plus I also have my Comms final on Tuesday, So Tuesday should be pretty horrible, but hopefully it will get better after that.
Most of Saturday was spent working on my paper, but in the afternoon we went to a baptism for a man in our ward named Phong, he is Vietnam. After the baptism we had the ward closing social which was a Luau with a full pig roast. So that was fun.
Anyway, looks like its going to be another super busy week for me, but it is almost over now. Hard to believe.
you all have a nice week.

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Amy said...

Good luck with everything!