Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stuff that happened this week

Well another week has come and gone, we are getting close to the end of the semester now. A scary thing, much to do.
Monday we had a ward family home evening at the BYU planetarium, we have a member of the ward who is an astronomy major and works there so he did it for us. It was a lot of fun.
Tuesday was another long day as all Tuesdays are apt to be. The choirs did the devotional so that was really nice. Tuesday was also the day that Tangled came out on DVD so in the evening Liz and I went up to walmart and got it and then watched it that night. It is a really great movie.
Wednesday nothing to exciting happened, just work and class. I've been working a lot on a paper on Marx's communist manifesto for Political philosophy.
Thursday the were classes and such. In the evening we had a roommate night. Casey, Warren and I went up to the temple on our bikes and did confirmations and baptisms. That was really nice. Then we all went and got cheeseseaks and after that made cookies and smoothies.
Friday work was super super busy for some unknown reason, except that it was pretty warm. I took out the money draw to count at 1 o'clock like normal and did not finish until I left at three, and the count was short so Lyndi had to do it again after I left, I guess things had slowed down a little by then. Friday night Liz and I went and watched citizen cane for my film class. It is rated the #1 movie of all time by the MPAA, it was a little weird, and Liz thought it was depressing but it was still pretty interesting.
Saturday was General Conference of course. Liz and I watched the morning session at her apartment and then we went to her family's house for the afternoon session. In the evening Gordy and I and our cousin Erin's husband Sam went to priesthood at Gordy's stake center, then we all met up with the girls at Brick Oven, my Aunt Mary was in town for conference and she wanted us all to get together for dinner. It was really fun.
Note: mom their are pictures of this last event but you will have to get them from your sister.
Anyway there you have it.

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