Sunday, May 27, 2012

A day at George and Martha's

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. It was one of my favorite places to visit so far. So much of it is original to the time period after General Washington returned from the presidency. Seeing the house and grounds where they lived and worked is very cool we even got to meet Martha Washington, visiting the tomb is very solemn and spiritual, and the museum and learning center help you to learn about their lives. We even got to see the famous wooden dentures (but you are not allowed to take pictures). I went with my good friends Ben and Jeff, and Jeff's friends Margarita and AJ, so it was all a really good time.
Unfortunately my camera didn't end up taking any of the group photos and much what you see you can't photograph but here are a few I did get.
Me and the Washingtons

View of the Potomac from Mount Vernon's back porch

The Washingtons' tomb

Memorial to the slaves at the slave burial plot

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