Sunday, June 17, 2012

I represent the people

Friday was an interesting day for class. We went to the national defense university to engage in a strategic diplomatic "game". Each of us took the role of a member of either the U. S. or Mexican government and we met in our own country groups and then in bilateral talks. I took on the role of a Mexican congress man and consequently my catch phrase became that I represent the people. It was very interesting exercise that took the majority of the day. We found out first hand that it is very hard to get compromise between sovereign nations. Anyway it was fun and instructive. There are no pictures unfortunately.
Saturday I had the sobering experience of visiting the Holocaust Museum. It is a very emotionally draining experience but very worth the visit. My favorite part was learning about the rescue efforts the pockets of Jewish resistance who did all they could to fight back. There are no pictures of this either.
Here's some random pictures that I haven't put up yet.
At the Capitol

The Meditation Maze

A Pay Phone

The Washington as viewed from the Jefferson

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