Sunday, June 24, 2012

The names Wozniak, Gary Wozniak

On Friday I went with Steven and Nate to the international spy museum. It was really interesting place where we learned all about the art of espionage throughout history. Although I really wonder how much is really told how much actually can be known about the history of spies, and at the end there was a thing saying the best spies and there missions are never known. That being said what we do know is extremely interesting. The earliest example of spying they gave was when the Israelites invaded canan and it of course continues to this day. At the beginning of the museum you are asked to assume a "cover" which you need to memorize and remember so that you can act your cover and not give yourself away. Here is a picture of my cover story: 

In the Museum we got to learn about a lot of different spies and skills spying requires, and my favorite part was seeing the gadgets that spies have used. There has been some really crazy stuff. I did remember my cover until the end of the museum and was able to pass the questioning. Here is a spy car and some get smart memorabilia for the twins:

Unrelated pictures:
The elevator doors at the national achieves 

One of my co-workers who left this week, Barry

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