Sunday, July 1, 2012

Checking off the list

This is very well could have been my last weekend in DC because of various travel plans throughout July, therefore there were a few things from the tourist list that I needed to accomplish this weekend, a series of fortunate events put me in a position to do most of them.
On Friday we were able to go on a capital tour finally. After class we went to the capital and Joe from our ward who interns with Senator Hatch and is from the U (hence he has to work Fridays) took us on the tour. It was very cool to see the inside of the capital, and Joe knew a lot of interesting facts.
Friday night there was a giant thunderstorm that we latter learned knocked out most of the power in VA.

Saturday most people were gone, little did they know most of their plans would fall through because of power outages, but I went to the natural history museum, which was pretty much the last major museum I needed to see. It was really good, my favorite exhibit was the national gemstone collection.

The Titanaboa exhibit

Another one of the more interesting things in the Natural Museum
After that I briefly stopped in away the Hishhorn Museum of modern art, I think this place was made more for people on drugs, but now I can say I've seen it.

With my Chinese Zodiak
Saturday night several of us went on a monument walking tour where we saw the Einstein, the Vietnam, the Korea, the Lincoln, the WWII, and the Washington memorials and learned a lot more about each of them. It was a lot of fun.

Me with Dr. Einstein, pay no attention to that lady

View off the back of the Lincoln

Washington Monument at Night
Well that's pretty much what happened this week.

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