Friday, November 2, 2007

Enter the yarmulke

Well today is the first day I graced campus with the little green yarmulke. Needless to say some people who thought they knew me found out they really didn't(and maybe didn't want to). "Ben, What are you doing!" is the exact quote from my friend Morgan across Brigham Square.
In other news: for all those in Colorado, I'm sorry but BYU is destined to win tomorrow, and I'll be there cheering like a madman.


bnielsen said...

I thought that thing was lost and long gone. Oh well, I guess it is just part of the "Old Ben" showing up on the "New Ben". Some things just don't change.


Mike said...

Go Cougars! And I think your choice of words "like a madman" was very appropriate.

wezefire said...

lol Ben Im glad your showing the old you!