Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another one rides the bus

Technically this should be in the other section but I think it deserves a post of its own. I was going up to Amy and Mike's this weekend so I walked up to the bus stop, it was a few minutes late but that's normal. I got on and the bus drive was on the bus phone, He nodded to me when I showed my bus pass and I went to the back, as this old lady talks quite loudly to the driver who's trying to hear the phone, she's like "I'm going to go on talking, I'll just do it quieter so you can't sit there and demonize me." At this juncture I continued all the way to the back, but could still here the old woman "If you think I'm going to sit in cold and wait for the next 11" and so on. the bus driver eventually walks out so that he can here the phone and the lady begins talking to this girl up front and being quite rude about religion, which it turns out must have been what was going on before I got on the bus, I plugged into my pod so I didn't here everything but eventually the girl got off the bus and started talking on her cell, all this while were still sitting at the stop where I got on. The bus drive comes back in gets some papers and goes out to talk to the girl and have her fill something out(probably a grievance form of some kind), eventually a UTA supervisor arrives and tries to talk to the old woman, and soon escorts her off(someone came and picked up the girl) the bus driver comes on and apologizes and explains that UTA policy is that he has to pull over under those circumstances and wait for a supervisor. All this took about half an hour but we did eventually get moving.


bavone said...

Sorry you spent so much time on the bus. Look what happens when people complain. One person being argumentative cost all those people on the bus valuable time. I bet you were not to happy with that lady for holding you up.

Bro. B.

wezefire said...

I remember when this happened... that was the night me and some friends went and coned some other friends house :D