Friday, November 9, 2007

Wait, are you Mormon

So, In my attempt to win more honor bucks I went to several booths today prior to the auction. At one of them I shaved a balloon, at another I named a principle of the honor code, but at the first one I went to I was asked what the honor code meant to me and I told them how the honor code was the reason I came to byu, and how I had a very religiously integrated education before so I wanted to go someplace where that would be present and my standards would be upheld, at this point the guy asked said "wait, are you Mormon?" which I thought was an interesting question until later I realized I was wearing my yarmulke and he probably thought I was jewish or something and had attended one of those jewish synagogue schools or something.
In other news: I took a Book of Mormon midterm today which I think went well. I have an
American Heritage midterm next week so most of this weekend will be dedicated to study, we also have stake conference this weekend.

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bavo6 said...

I love your yarmulke. I think it is great. I think just one person thinking you are not LDS because of your head gear is a sign. A sign of what, that is for you to figure out.

Notice my excellent use of the comma.

Bro. B.