Monday, January 10, 2011

Here we are again

So last Saturday I returned from home with Amy and Mike and their boys. I had a wonderful time back in Colorado but it was good to be back in Provo again. Upon returning home Saturday night I met my new roommate, Warren Chatwin, from Oklahoma. He's a pretty cool guy who just got back from his mission to California. Sunday was a busy day for me as I was the only member of either elders quorum presidency at church so I had a lot to do.
Monday Liz and I hung out most of the day, I made waffles for breakfast and then we went to campus and figured out where our classes were and tried to make it into the bookstore but decided it wasn't worth the fight against the crowds. That night we went to the Ward Home Evening activity where we participated in minute to win it challenges. Gordy and Brooke got back in town that night and brought me my suit case and my beautiful blender. So we made a smoothie later. Casey finally got back from Washington just before midnight.
Tuesday was the first day of class, and what a day it was. Tuesday's are definitely the busiest days of the week for me and so starting out on one was a little on the exhausting side. I arrived on campus shortly before 9:30 when my first class started, Hilary and I have Pl Sc 370, theories of international relations, with Professor Stiles. That ran until 10:45 at which juncture I ran to the Library and quickly deposited all my books in my locker before running to the Marriot Center where I met up with Liz and Selina to hear pres. Samuelson's opening address. Then Liz and I were off to D&C with Bro. Perkins at 12:00. From there I ran to Intro to Film with Professor Duncan, which I have with Josh and Rob by random chance. That ran from 1-3 and we watched and interesting film called the Man Who Planted Trees. If you have been following closely you will find that it is now 3 o'clock and I have yet to mention eating anything, when arranging my schedule I neglected to pay attention to the fact that there was no break for lunch in all this, so at this point I am famished. So I quickly eat something and attempt to find out what's wrong with my laptop because it has been dying all day after being unplugged for less than five minutes. I accomplished the first goal, but not the second, before running off to the JKB for Communication 101 w/ Professor Swenson which was suppose to rung from 4-6:30, fortunately she let us out early. Upon arriving back home I made some more food and then it was off for Presidency meeting. Whew, its a little crazy, but fortunately its the only day like this.
Wednesday I had my first day back at work, Jenn and I have been moved to the smaller store in the Student Athletic Building on the south side of campus. Its pretty slow down there so were they only have two people at a time working it. From there I got some food and then met up with Liz for some D&C studying until class at 4:00, which is Political Theory with Professor Gilchrest, I have this class with Hilary and Cody and several other members of our old Pl Sc 200 entourage. Gilchrest is the nicest college professor I have ever encountered.
Thursday is my second busiest day but not nearly as bad as Tuesday. Basically just school and stuff on Thursday.
Friday was work in the morning, but there are no classes on Friday, so that was nice, I used some time to work on my school calenders to make sure I don't forget about anything. Friday night Liz and I went to Amazing Grace for my film class, it was pretty good.
Saturday Liz and I went to the temple. It was very full in the baptistry and the needed a lot of help so I actually performed a lot more ordinances than just Liz's, it was a really nice time. After that we worked on some homework. Then in the evening we went with Amy, Mike, the boys, Gordy and Brooke, to Los Hermonos in Provo for dinner to celebrate Amy's 26th Birthday.
Sunday I went to Presidency meeting and then church. In the evening Liz and I went to the Marriot Center to hear Elder Christopherson's fireside, which was really good.
Well that looks like it's it for the week folks, hope you all have a good one.

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