Sunday, February 13, 2011

in which I discover why you get arts credit for watching movies

Sorry this is a week late, this covers Feb 6-13.
This week began on Friday and presently became Monday until I had a vision of Wednesday in which there was a flashback to Tuesday, which hadn't happened yet. If you are not yet confused then non-linear/non-traditional film may be the thing for you. Thats what we were studying this week in film class, hence I discovered why BYU will give you arts credit for taking TMA 102. We saw some very abstract stuff, for your benefit however I will put my new hifalutin artsy insights aside and give you the week in a linear manner.
Monday was normal, work and class, then FHE. I gave the spiritual thought and we played the Great Dalmuti.
Tuesday was normal and busy like always. This is when we began our discussions of non-linear film and we watched so really strange stuff in class, including a film that was just scratches on film set to music.
Wednesday I took the test for doctrine and covenants, so far that is the only test I've had all year.
Thursday we went looking for housing. We went with Robbie to see his grandparents basement where he and Josh and I might live. Then we went and looked at park plaza where we had a less than satisfactory reception by a student manager there. Thursday night Liz and I watched Kung Fu Panda because she had never seen it before.
Friday I went to work and in the evening we went to see a film for my class called the
Spanish Prisoner. It was quite the piece of work, you never knew what was going on or what in the world was happening. Anyway it was crazy.
Saturday I had to go to worldwide leadership training in the morning, and then we had spring sing practice, at which we were suppose to be learning the dance for the finale. It turns out I'm not very good at dancing, so since we had too many dancers to begin with Liz and I eventually changed to being shakers (meaning we will have like marraca's or something and shake them). That night we went to a birthday party for Liz's roommate Abby.
Sunday was church and in the evening we went along with Gordy and Brooke to Erin and Sam's for dinner and games, that was a lot of fun. While we were playing cards their downstairs neighbor came up and told us we were making there light shake and he didn't know what we were doing up there, so be careful the next time you are sitting around a table playing cards that you don't make anybody's light shake.

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