Sunday, February 27, 2011

oh look, Pictures

Hello, and welcome back to another week in the life of Joe, ha, just kidding, this is Ben. So this week was kinda interesting, because Monday was a holiday so Tuesday was Monday (this feels like the non-linear week again) and that made it so I only went to four classes all week. However there was still lots to do.
Monday as previously stated there was no school so that was nice. Took the time to get some homework done, I made flash cards on my ipod for all the terms and concepts for my comms test this week. Then there was Sterling Party with the old gang. That was a lot of fun to see everyone and have a good time. It's a good thing Liz was going with me though because I kept forgetting that it was happening even though I was the one who had planned it for that day.
Tuesday was Monday so I went to work in the morning and studied and went to class in the after noon. I turned in my application for the office assistant position at Jamba Juice. After work I went and took the comms test, I came out with a 92 which has presently been raised to a 95 because of miskeyed and thrown out questions. I kept forgetting that it was Tuesday so I was afraid that I would forget to go to work the next morning since I work earlier on Wednesdays. Tuesday evening I had a meeting with my Comms group to plan our presentation on the yes side of whether advertising is ethical.
Wednesday I fortunately did not forget what day it was and made it to work on time. Nothing to interesting happened on Wednesday.
Thursday I only had the two classes in the morning since we didn't have film lab because we didn't have film lecture. Besides that not too much took place on Thursday.
Friday I had work and then later in the afternoon I had an interview with Barbara and Will for the office assistant position. They said we would know sometime next week who got the job. In the evening Liz and I took her little brothers Mathew and Jacob to see Tangled. That was a lot of fun, the movie was really good everyone should see it.
Saturday in the morning we went to spring sing practice. Tess decided to change my role to Scar for good since her second Scar bailed on her, I was a little sad to give up being Timone with Casey being Pumba, but that's the way it roles, included below are pictures of me a Scar with Ashley (who is a guy), who is Simba, and also me and Liz in our roles as shakers during the finale song. Saturday night there was session of stake conference which was very good.
hope everyone has a nice week. |\/|

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