Sunday, February 6, 2011

Papers and Personal Plans

This week flew by so fast its hard to remember what happened. The whole week was part of the wards Personal Plan Palooza which I was on the committee for. It involves focusing on one of the eight areas of Christ center living that the Stake President has asked us to do, everyday from last Sunday to this. Also my first major paper of the semester was due this week in my international relation theory class, it was a pretty obscurely written assignment so it took a lot time to figure it out and get it written, and we shall see how it ends up.
Monday I had work and political theory, we have been talking about Hobbes and Prof. Gilchrest instructed us in the finer points of the crab apple wars they had a children to illustrate the points of equality and the Leviathan. For FHE we went on a food drive as part of the personal plan's care for the poor and needy day. That was fun, I haven't gone up and knocked on random people's doors for a while. Spent a good portion of monday working on my paper.
Tuesday was busy as always. Still trying to work on the paper when I got a chance to breath.
Wednesday I mostly just worked on finishing the big paper.
Thursday was a busy day, Hilary and I proof read each others papers in the morning before class and then we had to run and catch the bus so we could get to campus and print them off, unfortunately this was during the time that BYU's network was not recognize anti-virus software from microsoft security essentials so I couldn't log into the network and e-mail my paper to myself to print off so I had to put it on a flash drive and get it off that way. We did make it to class on time and get them turned in. Thursday night Liz and I went to them temple and did baptisms and confirmations, they were short endowed brethren so I performed quite a few confirmations and then when we were still two rows back from doing baptisms they asked me to come and baptize, so I baptized everyone until Liz came through, somewhere around thirty people.
Friday I went to work, some people came in like an hour before I left and they just sat there and they were still there when I left and Jenn texted me like an hour later and said they had finally left, just FYI but if you are going to have yourselves a little reunion, there a probably better places to do it than Jamba Juice. Friday night I went to watch "Went the Day Well?" for my film class, its a british film about world war II made during world war II. anyway we are sitting there and nothing is happening and finally ten minutes after it is suppose to start one of the TA's finally comes in and is like, I don't have the dvd, so you are either going to have to wait 45 minutes for us to get it or come to the showing tomorrow." well that was no good because the next day I had practice for the Spring Sing, thank goodness someone there said that the whole thing was up on you tube and he pulled it up on the podium computer and we were able to watch it that way. Friday night Liz and I went shopping.
Saturday morning was Spring Sing practice, we are doing a BYU lion king version, I am playing Timone and Casey is being Pumba. During practice I also had to be Scar because the person playing him didn't show up. We did home work most of Saturday afternoon and then watched Hercules, which we got from the BYU library, so far we haven't been having the best luck with Library dvd's as they seem to have trouble skipping.
Well there you have it folks, another week in the life of Ben.

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David and Bonnie Nielsen said...

Where are the pictures, Ben? I've been waiting for weeks?