Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home coming week and gun control

Well I'm going to try to make this a little shorter than last week. Most of my time outside of class this week was spent working on a large assignment forPoli Sci 200 finding and reading sources on gun control, a somewhat monotonous task.

The only thing I had to do in the testing center this week was a map quiz for History 201 which my friend Bianca and I studied for on Wednesday and after some searching I found a cite online which would allow me to make my own map quizzes to study, whichI then generously provided to the rest of the class. While the quiz scores have not come back yet I feel pretty confident in that.
To balance out the studying, and last weeks frantic pace this week was homecoming. Some of the highlights for me were the opening ceremonies which took the place of devotional, it included the marching band and the young ambassadors as well as several speakers;

after the opening ceremonies Hilary, Rob and I all stood in line to receive free J-dogs in Brigham Square; Tuesday night I hiked to light the Y, which is where the Y on the mountain is ringed with lights for homecoming week, with Selina and we ended up gettingleft behind by the shuttle vans so Gordy had to come rescue us from the base and take us back to campus.

Saturday was of course the football game, Cody and I had tickets behind the north endzone from which vantage point we were able to observe the improved cougars against the Aztecs. It was heartwarming to see that under Bronco's leadership we again have a defense.

I left the game, which was won by us 24-21, at half time to get everything ready for the dance that night. Rob and his friend Shay doubled with me and Selina and we went to the Discovering music through the ages dance in the Wilk ballroom, with a detour prior to that to the Angels of Philly steak shop on center street, which is owned by the son of a woman from the Widener branch where I served for six months, so the steaks were legit. The whole night was a lot of fun.
And that should put another week in the books folks, have a great one!

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