Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two movies in one week, that's some kind of record

It was a slow week at the Y, I turned in my only paper on Monday and never visited the testing center, this is probably why I had time to see two movies, which makes the record for the most movies in a week since I returned home.
here's the run down, Monday was a little crazy getting the paper in and then of course work. Disaster struck when I dropped my cell phone and the chocolate broke once more along its former crack. Fortunately it still turned on and the rest of the nice was spent looking for adhesive to make a temporary fix, it finally came in the form of packing tape supplied by my friend Gentry. Tuesday was laundry day and devotional, New Testament and home work like normal, then Tuesday evening Cyndi and I went and saw Toy Story 3 which was of course amazing, and then got ice cream from the creamery. That's movie number 1. Wednesday was uneventful school and work, my friend Bianca said at History that she might be able to find an old phone that I could use, she called me after work to let me know she had. Thursday morning it was off to the temple bright and early to do sealings which was marvelous. Then it was off on my ripstik to campus to meet Hilary to study and then meet Bianca to get the phone, thank goodness for that. I had no classes on thursday because New Testament was canceled. Thursday afternoon Selina and I went to the farmers market at the stadium on our way home. Friday was a full day of class and work after which we watched How To Train Your Dragon, which came out on video that day. It was a really good one as well, we had a bunch of people over to watch it. That's movie number 2. Saturday's big event was going to dinner at Gordy's w/ the Johnsons. I had a lot of fun playing with Aaron and Max the cutest nephews in the world. Well that's gotta be it for another week. Sorry no pictures

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David and Bonnie Nielsen said...

I want some pictures this week.

Love, Mom