Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why hello Middletown, I didn't recognize you in your BYU shirt.

Well its been one crazy busy week. Big papers to write in both poli sci classes, a test in history and one in New Testament. God must be in the testing center because I came out of History w/ an 80 on the multiple choice which isn't great but better than I expected. Most of my time has been sucked away into the qualitative research design for Poli Sci 200 which Hillary and I spent untold of hours on this week and its not done yet. Very little else happened this week, Saturday we went to an ice cream party at Jenn's and tonight Cache and I are going to home teach Kevin. In the area of academic over achievement I visited with my advisor Lori Seely to plan what I will take next semester. she has suggested that I decide on a minor, so I guess I need to think about that. Other than that not much happened. Hope everyone had a good week.
Sorry mom, no pictures.

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Amy said...

Call me dumb, but I don't understand the title of your post. Sorry you had a rough week.