Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 days of School

Well, here's another week in the life of Ben. Nothing to crazy to report except that I only went to school 3 days this week, so that was nice.
Monday was off from school(hence the three days of school) most of the day was spent doing homework and stuff. In the evening Liz and I went to a presentation for Martin Luther King Jr. day up on campus.
Tuesday was another crazy busy day. Elder Kikuchi(that is spelled wrong just so you know) came and gave a devotional. That night I finally saw all of UP.
Wednesday was uneventful, I now work earlier on Wednesdays though.
Thursday I had classes and then in the evening went to the Stake Leadership training.
Friday I went to work. That night Liz and I went miniature golfing at Trafalga, which was quite and experience. Since it was friday it was pretty full so we decided it would be a good idea to do the outside course since there was hardly anybody out there(hmm... I wonder why) and it wasn't that cold. Well that was well and good until about the third whole which involved a school house, Liz was a better shot than me and hit it through the school house(what you are suppose to do to get a hole in one) there was only one problem, the pipes led to an ice covered putting green, and apparently the schoolhouse pipe had ice in it because Liz's ball was nowhere to be found. We went back and got another ball and counted that as a hole in one. Similar adventures ensued as we traversed the course. Some greens were completely impassable and we had to make those holes up on the other outdoor course to even our scores. Anyway it was a blast, albeit a somewhat chilly one. Liz ended up winning by about four strokes(although her ethics are somewhat questionable). After that we attended our wards Book of Mormon Readathon for a while (they were reading from 7 oclock pm to 7 oclock am).
Saturday we went to see the documentary Promises for my film class. It was pretty good.
Well, I'd better get this post up since it is very late. hope y'all have a good rest of the week.

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