Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rice and Dinner

Welcome back to another week in the life of Ben. This was the first full week of School. It was pretty chill on the homework front so that was nice.
Monday I went to work in the morning, things seem to have picked up a little bit down there this week, we were running a welcome back week promotion where people could get an oatmeal for a dollar if they bought a drink. We have one regular customer who comes everyday who we call carrot juice man, because he always orders a 30 oz. drink of pure carrot juice(that's one of those huge cups). On Monday he also got a wheatgrass shot, sometimes I just don't know how people can survive being that healthy. Monday evening I went to Political theory, and that night to Liz's FHE since mine wasn't happening.
Tuesday was super busy, as usual, except there was no devotional so I actually got to eat lunch. Upon arriving home Tuesday night I had a presidency meeting and after that a committee meeting for a special activity the ward is doing.
Wednesday was fairly uneventful. Work, studying and class. I ran into my old companion Kevin Reese for the first time, so that was fun. That night Liz and I did D&C homework.
Thursday was the big day of the week, Condoleezza Rice (Yes, that would be the former secretary of state) came to give a forum address at BYU, I happen to have international relations class right before that time, which was interesting because Prof. Stiles happens to be on the opposite end of the political spectrum and he was none too keen on letting us out early so we could get to devotional, fortunately Liz didn't have class and she went early to the Marriott to get seats. It was an excellent address. Later Josh and I had our intro to film lab, and Robbie was able to switch to our section so that was good. That night we went to Liz's house(like her home home, in Lindon) for dinner, which was very nice.
Friday I only had work of course, and homework. That night for film class we went to see City Lights which is an old silent film by Charlie Chaplin which we have to write on this week, it was quite funny and enjoyable. Then we went and got dinner at Panda Express after finding that Angels of Philly was closed.
Saturday not to much happened. I did home work in the morning. We went shopping in the afternoon.
Well folks, that's it from the life of Ben this week. Have a good one

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