Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keeping Careful track

Well Another week has come and gone, crazy to think.
Monday, I went to work, I went to school. We finished the section on Machiavelli in Political theory, so now I know how to be a very amoral self serving prince. Monday night we went to the RB and played Wallyball for FHE. That was fun.
Tuesday I went to school, devotional, school, school, school. This week is international film for film class, we watched part of a movie about lepers in Iran, pretty crazy. Afterward Robbie, Josh and I had lunch (if you can call it lunch at 3 o'clock). Tuesday I also began my Media Consumption Diary for my communications class. I have to keep track off all the Mass media I consume for five days. In my expectations I put that I never watch t.v., but what should happen but the night I start is the state of the union and I watched it on t.v.
Wednesday was work and school. Wednesday is my early day for work. After work Liz and I studied and then I went to Political theory to start the section on Hobbes. That night we went and saw BYU's production of Peter Pan. It was really good. I still was keeping track of everything I saw or heard in the mass media.
Thursday during my afternoon break Josh, Liz and I went and looked at a couple apartment complexes trying to figure out housing for next fall.
Friday I just went to work then did homework. Friday night Liz was gone, I went to the film for class, which was a chinese film called To Live, it was good, different though, and some very sad parts. I also had to put that in my media diary. Then I caught up with Jenn, Melissa and Casey at the end of the v-ball game. BYU won, but of course no surprise there. We hung out the rest of the night, the adventure of the night was putting Casey's bike in Melissa's trunk and trying to tie it shut with Jenn's string. Casey eventually got it and we made it back to Wyview w/out losing the bike. While driving the Radio was on, so that had to go into the mass media diary as well.
Saturday, lots of home work was attempted. In the evening Liz and I went to the Library to get a movie and finally settled on Meet the Robinsons which we were informed was on a 4 hr check out, so we had to run back and watch it and then run back to the library to return it, and it had to be recorded in the media diary.
Well that's it for the week folks, have a good one.

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